Month: August 2021

Best Sexy TikTok Girls: Who to Follow For The Best Porn Videos

TikTok is one of the biggest social media apps in the world, and it has no shortage of pretty girls who love to dance. Wondering who are the best and most popular TikTok girls to follow? We’ve scoured the app to find out and put together this list.

You can’t escape the TikTok girls!

Turn on your TikTok and you’re guaranteed to come across a million of them! The app’s popularity is primarily in North America, but those who live elsewhere are still exposed to all the pretty girls with great moves.

Even if you haven’t used the app, you can still enjoy the girls. Why? Because you don’t need an account. They will follow you regardless if you have a name or an account or not!

Some of the most popular TikTok girls to follow are the Tristen, Scoutyface, Sk1yle, Shaniya, Grayvee, Grumpyface, and Kandi Sushi. Click here to see more of them! You can browse and add them to your list if you want. Try it!

If you’re looking to see them naked, even playing with themselves, showing off just for you, you’ll have to check out the new TikTok-style app for porn, simply called TikTok Porn. You can search these usernames there, and find all the content these girls can’t share on TikTok. Keep in mind with TikTok’s recent porn ban, you won’t be able to find the hottest content from these girls on the original app. Mostly they’ll just tease you on their normal TikTok accounts, dancing around with their clothes on.

Kida Kasha

If there’s one name that consistently appears in any list of TikTok’s most popular ladies, it’s this one. Kida Kasha, a Ukranian model and actress, is the most followed person on the app, with 15.8 million followers. She’s had a hugely successful career on screen, but is often the subject of bad light, being pictured at parties with massive bling, or dancing topless.

As such, she’s embraced the exposure to transform her brand. As well as using TikTok to expand her social media following, she’s also used it to promote her films. She made a short, behind the scenes film for her movie ‘Lady Death‘ for the app and her short film for her horror film, ‘The Tragedy of Dominik,’ is also on it.


Bambina is the newest TikTok sensation, and this is an international list, so that should tell you something. The 1.1 million followers she’s racked up on Instagram are only half of what she has on TikTok app, and she’s wildly popular in Thailand, too. Bambina’s Insta account is filled with short clips and, as you’d expect from a TikTok girl, plenty of those are even butt-naked.


Another Japan-born TikTok sensation, Natsuki is one of the most famous Japanese TikTok stars. That, combined with her 8.2 million followers on Instagram and nearly one million on YouTube makes her a huge star in Japan. In English, her name means “Dream Girl.”

Aka Queen Kiara

This Naga beauty is known for her captivating personality and especially her charismatic personality. She’s called the Queen Kiara for good reason. Just like Queen Elizabeth, Queen Kiara has come to rule the TikTok universe.

Jenny Ho

This makeup artist is the hottest TikTok female artist in South Korea and a former Miss Korea 2017. This vlogger is not shy when it comes to talking about fashion and makeup. She’s become one of the best TikTok female artists in Korea with millions of followers on her account.

Akihan Misaki

Akihan is the reigning queen of Japan’s TikTok universe. She has been reigning the TikTok scene with her bold and beautiful looks since her start in 2014. She’s got a unique taste in music and shares it with her millions of followers.


TikTok is a pretty popular app, but it doesn’t have a shortage of pretty girls on it. If you are looking for girls who love to dance, sing, and show off their nude bodies, these are your girls. You can find them all on TikTok. Take a look at our list to find out more.

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